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What's special about Great Lines Heritage Park?

Chatham has the world's most complete example of an historic dockyard from the age of sail. It was instrumental in securing and maintaining Britain's worldwide influence, and thereby helped to shape the world we know today. The completeness and survival of the dockyard and its closest defences (including Fort Amherst, Upnor Castle and the Great Lines) are unique. A series of historic barracks and military installations help make Chatham one of the world's greatest garrison towns. For these reasons, Chatham Dockyard and its defences have been short-listed as a potential World Heritage Site.


See the Chatham World Heritage website:



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Below is a link to a British Pathe newsreel of the Naval Memorial in Chatham back in 1952 when the Duke of Edinburgh opened the WW2 section.




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The Great Lines Heritage Park is Medway's most prominent green space - connecting Gillingham, Chatham and Brompton. Together, its fortifications, massive ditches, and Field of Fire were intended to defend Chatham Dockyard from landward attack. It has over 70 hectares of open space and includes the Napoleonic Fort Amherst. New feature lighting at Fort Amherst and Chatham Naval Memorial (which commemorates almost 19,000 sailors from both World Wars who have no know grave) has changed Chatham's night-time skyline. A new footbridge now links the Park and Fort Amherst.

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